Lawyer fees

Introduction When you have suffered damage, you naturally want to recover it from the liable party. You need help with that, so you start looking for an expert advocate. A lawyer who will help you assess your damages and negotiate with the liable party. But what does this expert assistance cost? The law The law […]

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Sport and Play

From June 11 to July 11, 2021, the European Championship (EC) took place. The mood was good with the football commercials from various supermarkets and the orange flags that were hung everywhere in the Netherlands. But what happens if a footballer gets injured during such a game? In the case of a sporting event, there […]

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The ticket

Why is it actually so important to know whether there is an employment contract? To begin with, it is good to know that the vast majority of the working population in the Netherlands works on the basis of an employment contract. The employment contract is also known as the “ticket of entry” to labor law […]

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