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Elfi Personal Injury Lawyer was founded by Onur. A personalized, efficient approach and tailor-made solutions are what Onur stands for. In addition to his extensive experience and expertise in personal injury law, he also has a professional legal and medical team at his disposal. In personal injury cases, medical knowledge is crucial for the lawyer. Onur collaborates with a dedicated medical team that possesses the necessary medical knowledge and expertise. Onur has completed the Grotius specialization course in Personal Injury Law.

Practice areas:

personal injury law
victim law

Onur is an LSA Personal Injury Lawyer. Not every lawyer can call themselves an LSA Personal Injury Lawyer. Only members of the LSA (Personal Injury Lawyers Association) are entitled to this designation. LSA Lawyers are subject to the highest quality standards, which are ensured in various ways.

Onur has completed the Basic Course in Injury and Victim Assistance. If you are a victim of a violent crime or a sexual offense, Onur can assist you in the criminal procedure.

Furthermore, Mr. Emre is the chairman of the Legal Institute Netherlands Turkey.


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